Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthmas 2011 Wrap-Up

So this may a be a bit lengthy but it is picture heavy!  Birthmas 2011 was quite the success even though I didn't travel this year.

I gave myself my very first birthday party and had a blast! We even collected items that I donated to the Houston Area Women's Shelter! My people rock! I had a DJ and he totally rocked the spot. If you are in Houston, holla at me and I will forward his information.  We JAMMED up in this piece.

E retains his title of the BEST Gift Giver Ever.  He is always thoughtful with his gifts...ALWAYS!  He got me a Touchscreen PC...I am currently typing this post from said fancy PC.  I LOVE it so.  I would have never purchased it for myself. I would have thought of a million other things do with the money and none would have been to spend it on me. That I-Pod Touch? He won that for me at his company holiday party! #Score

I purchased myself a few things also! I wanted needed a flat there is no picture of it yet because it is STILL sitting in the box and I received it at the end of NOVEMBER! LOL

I purchased a few pairs of shoes (but that only counts as one gift! LOL). These are my favorite pair. *B was like, "Ma I don't think you own any sensible shoes" LOL

I also got a new digital camera that takes really nice pictures...I am working my way up to that $1k camera I have been coveting...but ya'll also know I am cheap frugal.

I wrote notes to some of the people I love and care about

I purchased donuts for my department

We took B's teachers breakfast (she had to write them notes)

I paid for random meals

Gave one of my favorite tea drinkers a mug filled with some of my favorite bagged teas. As an aside, I STAN for that doggone place.

I bought a whole lot of Diet women at my job HEART that stuff

I also made a candy jar for another co-worker....I try to keep the people I work with happy...those ladies will drop everything to do anything I ask. I appreciate them and wanted to remind them.

Birthmas 2011 was soooooo fantastic. I had fun with people I adore, new and old. It was a complete and total blast. I can't wait to see what Birthmas 2012's gon be on and poppin for 12/12/12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 4 - Dinner at 18082

See those two lushes? I LOVE me some them.  I had a wonderful time with them and their husbands on Sunday. BBQ at 18082 on a chilly Houston evening was perfect.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3 - Dinner With Friends!

I told ya'll I was going to be full of awesome all month! LOL I am going to try taking a fun picture every weekend!

What a way to kick off the first weekend of Birthmas 2011! My super, awesome friend Tazzee was in town with her super cool husband. We, along with Tiffany in Houston, Beautifully Complex and her beau, Rhapsody Diva and her super funny husband all went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

Stop the presses E even hung out! I got the pic to prove it! LOL

The dinner was actually for all of use to hang out with Tazzee and her husband but E and Rhapsody Diva's husband decided to put me on blast and have the staff sing happy birthday to me. Had I not had liquid courage in my system, I would have been petrified!

We laughed, we got free food, the staff was super dope and my people rock and rock and rock!

Day 3 of Birthmas 2011 is in the books!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2 - Cookie Exchange Randoms

For some reason we did not take pictures! Probably because we had two bottles of wine, spiked egg nog and lots of cookies! LOL This was my first time participating in a cookie exchange with this group of women and I had a blast! I will be better prepared next year.

Stephanie even cooked....I mean that's BIG news all by itself! LMBO! She made a wonderful potato soup that I can't wait to replicate....especially since it is officially cold in Houston! Stephanie is the queen of soups as long as it can be made in the crock pot! LOLOL

One of the ladies made tea cake cookies....I DIE! They were soooooo good! When I was a child my mother used to make tea cakes. These cookies tasted JUST like those cakes! Child please. I made E and B split one so I could have the rest all to myself! #NotJoking

Oh and there were these peanut butter cup cheesecake bites...faints!

Day 2 of Birthmas 2011 was super fun. Thank you GNO Ladies for a lovely evening!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's the beginning of BIRTHMAS 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getchu some!
This will be me all month...drinking and laughing!! LOL
Yeah yeah I know I have been MIA for nearly a month but things have been crazy at work and E decided he needed to spend some time in the hospital (he's all better now). PLUS, we are nearly finished with one of two bathroom remodels. Chile please, "I's tied boss"

So if you have been reading me for any amount of time you know that I celebrate my birthday the entire month of December; E calls it my "Birthmas"; he thinks he's funny. My actual birthday is 12/12. For the first twelve days of December I perform extra special acts of kindness above what I normally do. Oh how I love this right here! B even gets in on the excitement, we always take breakfast to her favorite teachers with little notes on why they are her favorite! One teacher she had in 1st grade gets breakfast even now and B is a 4th grader...LOL. This year, like last, I am going to try to do something special for someone I don't like...I failed this task last year but imma give it another shot this year...pray for a playa hear? It always amazes me how little acts of kindness really make a difference to people.

This year I am a bit behind schedule because of everything that has been going on but I am going to use part of this weekend to get on top of the awesome I will be spreading this month. I do have a list however, and the beginnings of love notes to people I care about.

Oh, HOLE sweet Tazzee Mae and her wonderful husband will be in town this weekend and we have dinner plans with some other wonderful women and their spouses/significant others. What a fantastic way to kick off the first weekend of 'Birthmas 2011' I can't wait to hug her neck!

During Birthmas I buy myself a gift every week...the first one arrived Monday...I am planning (crossing fingers) a game night birthday party at the house; E and I will be supporting shoe models one weekend *wink*, the daughters and I will be doing our annual girls weekend, I have dinner plans with my ace boon coons who also have birthdays around the same time as me, etc, etc...I will be sure to document most of the stuff going on because I know ya'll live for my exciting life *EYEROLL*

I have missed you guys so much. Unless I follow you on Twitter, I have no idea what is going on in your life as my Goo.gleReader is STILL "cray"...I have nearly 2500 posts to read *BLINK*...not gonna happen. I am deleting them all and starting fresh today, reading AND posting.