Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random Friday Notes

Good day good people. And heathens!

Work has me hemmed all the way up.
It has been stressful and anxiety ridden

I paid $12 at 2 different bakeries for five really bad cupcakes. The cakes tasted stale or they tasted like boxed cake; the lemon didn't taste remotely like lemon nor did the strawberry taste like strawberry. They were "turrible"

I was more mad about wasting the calories than wasting the money

In my world eating cupcakes is considered market research...LOLOL

My daughters rock

Oh I found out I have asthma. This inhaler has been lung opening awesomeness!

Gotta go back to the allergist for a 2 hour skin testing....

Almost 40 and my body wanna do what it wants to do? No ma'am no sir. I am the boss of this here!

Praise the Creator for good employment and health insurance!

B and I are going to see Ragtime at Miller Outdoor Theatre this weekend.

I love the many free entertaining options Houston offers.

Hope you all get up get out and do something fun this weekend!

1 comment:

Ninah said...

So sad to hear you have asthma, but ummm...lung opening awesomeness?!?!? LOL! Hilarious!!! Hope you have a good weekend!!